Tired Of Keeping Quiet Summer Tour 2014

by Anomaly

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released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Anomaly Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: No Hay Vergüenza
white guilt white wash
no es tuya no es tuya
no es una etapa que tenemos
ni algo que con los anos se pasara
te lo estas hacideno el mismo pero no tenemos otra opicion

la culpa, la culpa, la culpa blanca
la culpa, la culpa, la culpa blanca

no es tuya, no es tuya,

white guilt white wash
this isn't yours, this isn't yours
this isn't a phase or something we can grow out of
you are doing it yourself but we dont have a choice

the guilt, the guilt , the white guilt
the guilt, the guilt, the white guilt

this isn't yours, this isn't yours,
Track Name: Limpia
a darkness weighing over me, years pressing hard on my shoulders,
these voices overcrowding the feeling of security,
every muscle is aching and i am screaming,
these bones have grown weak
and you at the grocery store, the show, in line at work
burning my shoulders,
scratching me in my sleep,
it's all in my head
it's not all in my head
they're talking louder now, louder now
Track Name: Liberación
padre nuestro que estas en el cielo
venga tu reino
hagase tu vluntad
en la tiera como el cielo

para los ninos y para los ninas.
a life destined to poverty, violence and death

no police reports for the children
los policia no los quieran


our father who art in heaven,
holy be thy name
thy kingdom come thy will be done as it is in heaven on earth

for the boys and for the girls
a life destined to poverty violence and death

no police reports for the children
the police dont care about us